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SunShine Solar-Powered
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Can Cut Your Heating Bill
by 50 - 75%

Crude Oil $60.50 Per Barrel - May 14, 2015

The live chart below is showing that crude oil is currently trading at $60.50 per barrel and wholesale home heating oil is hovering at $2.01/gallon. For New York, these wholesale home heating oil prices are translating into $2.85 +/gallon, with Long Island and NYC prices the highest at $3.12/gallon and $3.16/gallon respectively.

Crude Oil $60.50 Per Barrel - May 14, 2015

NY State Average Home Heating Oil Price As Of May 14, 2015

NYS Avg Price
Per Gallon 5/14/2015:

Long Island: $3.12
New York City: $3.16
Lower Hudson: $3.04
Upper Hudson: $2.93
Capital District: $2.92
North Country: $2.88
Central Region: $2.85
Western Region: $2.97

Source: NYSERDA Average Home Heating Oil Prices - Updates twice a month April through August, then weekly from September through March.

Save $$, Live Warm with a SunShine Solar-Powered Building Space Heaters Available in 3 Sizes

  • 8' Long x 16" Wide
  • 6' Long x 16"" Wide
  • 4' Long x 16"" Wide

SunShine Solar Powered Building Space Heaters

The Most Heat For The Fewest Dollars

Solar space heaters for buildings have been around since the 1960's. The basic technology is simple as you can see from all of the DIY websites on the subject. If you are handy and inclined to build your own, you should do it because sunshine is the most energy efficient heat you can produce. If done right, it can reduce your heating bills by 50%-75%!

SunShine Solar Building Space Heaters

Enlarge Picture for more info

Medical Center in Maine with seven Panels

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Dual vertically installed Panels on house in Massachusetts

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Solar PV Panel ready to connect to internal fan — Cold Intake (bottom) and Heat Output (top) vents installed

SunShine's Solar Space Heaters For Buildings are handsome low profile panels easily installed on any south facing wall, roof, or canopy to produce an extraordinary amount of heat.

One 8 ft x 16" panel will raise the temperature of a 500 sq ft. room with an 8' ceiling and normal insulation by 60 degrees (assuming a south facing sunlit panel).

Two panels will make a 1,000 sq ft home feel comfortable even on cloudy days. Add a third panel to boost the heat even more, especially if you live in a less sunny or sub-zero location.

Installation can easily be done using a contractor or qualified handyman, solar installer or HVAC specialist.

Our engineering department will work with you and your installer to make sure you get the maximum heat possible.

How It Works: Convection Thermal Heating

Each panel comes with a standard 110 CFM, 12 volt DC fan housed inside a sturdy metal enclosure that attaches to the 4 in intake vent to pull cold air through the panel.

A thermostat mounted on the heat absorber turns the fan on at about 100 degrees F, and shuts it off at about 70 degrees to prevent cold air from blowing into the room at night. The panel will heat incoming air by as much as 60°F. If the room temperature is 60°, a sunlit 8 ft panel will output 120° — similar to a CAC system.

Enlarge Picture for more detail Solar Powered Window Space Heater Diagram

For More Information or to Order Please email Or CAll 631-725-4440 (9AM - 5PM Eastern)

SunShine Solar Powered Building Space Heaters® Features And Benefits

Keeps You Warm and
Saves Money Too!

Enlarge Picture Solar Space Heating Panel

Powerful Heat Producing
Low Profile Panels
Building Integrated

Each linear foot of our heating panels will produce over 100 peak watts of midday heat energy, or 300 BTU's per foot!

Solar Space Heating Panel

Installs Horizontally and Vertically On Roofs, Walls, Any Flat Surface

Solar Space Heating Panel

Can Be Used For Industrial Process Heating Applications

Connect two 8' long space heating panels
and they become an excellent heat source
for Solar Industrial Process Heating. Solar Heated Air can be used to dry Crops, timber, distillers grains, and textiles; Tea, coffee,
beans, tobacco, etc.; Food for dehydration
or processing; Sludge, manure, and compost.
It can even heat saunas!

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