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Frequently Asked Questions - ONAAT Group Discount

Q: How many homeowners are needed to
     form a group?

A: On average we need 3 homeowners in a group in order to offer the Group Discount Rate. The most expensive part of a solar system is the solar panels. And, just like any manufacturer, solar panel manufacturers offer lower per unit prices on volume orders. As a result, when we place an order for 21,000 watts (for example, one hundred and five 200-watt panels), our cost is significantly less than if we order 35 panels for a single 7,000-watt solar system.

The average roof has about 454 sq ft of usable space, which translates to a 7.00 KW (7,000 watts) solar system on average.

Q: Do I have to form my own group?

A: No. We can either help you to form a group of friends, neighbors and relatives or include you in a group that has already been formed.

Q: Is there any benefit to forming my own

A: Yes. Our goal is to get as many households as possible to produce their own electricity. If you form your own group or ask us to help form your group, you will receive an additional 10ยข per watt off of your solar system, typically from $500 - $1,000, for recognition of your commitment to reducing your dependence on fossil fuels

Q: Is there a cost to joining ONAAT?

A: Yes and No. There is no cost for the on-site inspection to determine whether your home is suitable for a solar system. If your home is suitable for a solar power system we will provide you with a proposal and contract. Then, in order to place you in a group, or form a group for you, a deposit of $3,500.00 is required. The deposit money is used to do the engineering of your solar system, to file for the necessary town permits, and make application to LIPA.

Once the LIPA application is approved (usually 4-5 weeks), we can begin installation of your solar system immediately by matching you with a group that is already formed, even as we work to form your group. If you are not ready to begin installation for whatever reason, the LIPA application along with the guaranteed LIPA rebate is valid for up to six months.

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