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It is time to let go of our one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to energy. We have become so accustomed to turning to fossil fuels to power everything in our lives that we can barely imagine the possibility of putting together an assortment of Green Energy alternatives to satisfy the needs of an increasingly energy hungry world.

Why? Because it is so much easier to rely on one very flexible and until now relatively cheap solution - fossil fuels. But in today's world, the cost of oil and gas - in terms of actual dollars, climate change, pollution of our nation's water resources, and, by the way, a few wars with the petro dollars that fund all sides - is unacceptably high. Not to mention that no matter how much drilling we do the reserves of fossil fuels are finite.

It is time to take seriously the combination of developments in the Green Energy field and enact programs that will free us from the stranglehold of "Big Oil."

In Maine, the small Portland-based Ocean Renewable Power Company announced that it has connected its first underwater ocean turbine to the Bangor Hydro Electric Co.'s power grid and generated enough electricity to run 25 to 30 homes! According to an article in the Huffington Post, "The pilot program calls for more units off the Lubec and Eastport region at the nation's easternmost tip within four years, producing enough power for 1,000 homes."

This is exciting stuff!


Source: 1 Huff Post, Sep 14, 2012"Ocean Renewable Power Co. Brings Tidal Power To U.S. Grid"

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