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Clean Energy Campaign Ads Drowned in Sea of Big Oil

Just a few nights ago our family was sitting around talking about how we haven't seen any Clean Energy ads during this Presidential campaign. Now an article in Friday's New York Times confirms what we have been observing. Big Oil and "Clean" Coal have been busy this election season pouring fantastic sums into ads promoting fossil fuels. Much of that money has been channeled through numerous GOP PACS, including those funded by the Koch brothers.

Advocates of Clean Energy, according to the article, have been pretty much sitting this one out. Alternative energy supporters have been holding on to their wallets. In part because of disillusionment over the Administration's willingness to allow drilling offshore and in areas of Alaska, and in part because they feel massively out-gunned.

Spending on Green advertising has equaled only a bit more than a quarter of the amount allocated by fossil fuel companies. Maggie L. Fox, chief executive of the Climate Reality Project said, "Whatever we would spend, it would just be washed away in this sea of fossil fuel money."


Source: 1New York Times, Sep 14, 2012 "Fossil Fuel Industry Opens Wallet To Defeat Obama"

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