Battery Backup Solar Kits w Emergency Fuel Cell Generator

Battery Backup Solar Systems can operate either as Grid Interactive systems (Both on and off the grid) or as Off-Grid Solar Systems.

The Efoy Fuel Cell Generator can be added to any size solar system provided the battery bank is wired to operate as a 12 volt or 24 volt system.

On-Grid/Off-Grid Solar Kits

Never Lose Your Power Again! Solar Max has a wide variety of On-Grid/Off-Grid Solar Kits from which to choose. Select the system that fits your wallet and let us customize it for your specific needs.

What's Included in an On-Grid/Off-Grid Solar Kit?

  • Solar Panels - We have several brands of solar panels from which to choose in our solar kits including Renogy, Perlight, Canadian Solar, Conergy, Suniva, 1SolTech, SolarWorld and more.
  • Inverter Charger - We carry Magnum and Outback string inverter chargers in our solar kits, to charge your batteries and pass your energy back to the grid.
  • Charge Controller - MPPT charge controllers to regulate the electricity in your batteries
  • Solar Batteries - We use top of the line batteries from Trojan to store the power harvested from the solar panels.
  • Balance of System Parts - Junction Boxes, Cabling, Couplers, AC, DC Disconnects and much more..
  • Solar Panel Racking - Roof, Ground, Pole and other mounting solutions available in all of our solar kits.
  • Note - Prices do not include installation. The Efoy Fuel Cell Generator can be added to any of our battery backup systems

Solar Space Heating Syestems

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Systems

Grid-Tied Solar Systems
With Battery Backup +
Fuel Cell Generator
For Continuous Power

Hurricane Sandy proved that solar is not just a way to save money and do something good for the environment — Sandy told us that we need solar for Energy Insurance — For when the grid is down for days and even weeks on end.

The Problem: Affordable Solar Battery Backup Systems can only supply emergency power for 3-4 days at a time, which is why we always recommend purchasing a generator for when the sun doesn't shine.

With Hurricane Sandy, however, a gas, or diesel generator wouldn't have bailed you out. Gas Stations in the disaster zone lost their electricity and couldn't operate — And, it took only a day or two for those within 100 miles of the disaster zone to run out of fuel! The solution is the Efoy Fuel Cell Generator.

The Efoy Fuel Cell Generator

The Efoy Fuel Cell Generator is the perfect solution For Emergency Long Term Power when the grid is down and the sun isn't shining.

Weather Independent

It makes no difference whether it is raining, snowing, or very cloudy for days on end. The Efoy 2200 will deliver 2160 watt hours of electricity per day to keep your battery bank fully charged providing sufficient power to support lighting, refrigeration, water pump, TV, heating, computers, et al.

How It works

When the Grid is functioning, your solar system will first make certain that your battery bank is fully charged and then feed power to your internal grid. Any excess power is fed back to the utility's grid.

When the grid is down, the system automatically switches to the battery bank to keep your critical appliances operating.

If the Solar System can't keep up with the power you are using because of inclement weather, the Efoy 2200 Fuel Cell automatically kicks in to recharge the battery bank — Providing continuous power until the Solar System can take over again.

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Efoy Fuel Cell Generator

Easy To Use

Just plug in the Fuel Cartridge and the Efoy does all the work - Automatically turns on when the battery voltage drops and turns off when the batteries are recharged.

Environmentally Friendly - No Toxic Fumes

Beside electricity, the only thing the Efoy Fuel Cell produces is water and carbon dioxide - less than that of a child's breath. This technology even meets California's strict zero-emission requirements.

Maintenance Free

The Efoy Fuel Cell has no moving parts to wear out. It is totally maintenance free.

Very Very Quiet

The measured sound level of the SM 2000 is 23 dba - Almost silent. You might hear a hum if you put your ear to it.

Light Weight And Compact

The Efoy 2200 weighs just 7 Lbs and measures 17.1 x 7.9 x 10.9 in.

Qualifies For Federal 30% Tax Credit

The Efoy Fuel Cell qualifies for both the NYS Renewable Energy Tax of 25% (up to $5,000) and the 30% Federal Tax Credit!

Visit Dsire Solar to see your state's renewable energy incentives.

EFOY 2200 SALE Price
(1 10 Liter Cartridge Included)

Additional 10 Liter Cartridges - $189.95 Each

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